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Moolier Mattress Review – Why it is so special?

Among all the mattresses available in the market we are reviewing moolier mattress today. We will be covering all the important aspects of the mattress in a comprehensive manner.

Moolier mattress reviews will help you in choosing the best mattress for yourself.

Materials used:

 A thick layer of high-density polyfoam is used to make the base of the mattress, and this material makes the mattress stable and gives it a shape. Up above the base is a zoned layer for support which is divided into three zones with different firmness for each zone. The top layer for the shoulder is softer while the last layer for the hips is hard. 

A layer of aerated foam is used above, which basically has a slow response to the pressure; hence the user sinks in slightly to relive his pressure at his shoulders and hips. All these layers are covered by a polyester blend that has a soft and stretchy feel.

How firm is it?

Firmness means that how it feels when you lie, i.e. it feels soft or hard. The firmness of the mattress totally depends upon you, some of you may like a soft mattress with a firmness level of 4-5 while others may like a mattress with firmness levels of around 9-10, but the ideal firmness is around7, it is neither too soft or neither too hard. It can be shared by two people that have different firmness requirements.

How’s the pressure relief?

You purchase a mattress to have a comfortable sleep, and that’s why it’s important that a mattress should have good pressure relief in case you don’t know what pressure relief is, it is the measurement of mattress capability to release tension off your shoulders, hips and lower back. The pressure relief is mentioned by lying on your back, side and your tummy. If you lie on your stomach or your then the mattress will provide you with low-pressure relief. On the other hand, if you lie on your side, then you may experience higher pressure for a couple of points.

Motion Transfer:

It is the amount of motion that can be detected once you change your position on the mattress. You tend to move during your sleep, and it’s important that you should not observe any motion else it can ruin your sleep and luckily the mattress pretty decent job of isolating motion, and most probably you will feel a negligible amount of motion.

Performance against competitors:

There is a wide array of mattresses available, but if we compare the mattress with its competitors, one is priced the same. At the same time, it uses a different material, thus giving it an elastic and bouncy feel. While the other one is quite similar to moolier and is cheaper too but it leads to overheating.

I hope our mattress review is useful to you. It provided with all the details you required to make a decision, and it was unbiased, original, and we wish you luck for your next mattress purchase.

Have a good sleep on your new mattress!!